Elimination of Downtime at Truck Manufacturing Plant

Truck Manufacturing Plant



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Truck Manufacturing Plant


A truck manufacturing plant in the Netherlands began experiencing sticking of their servo valves in the Schüler press. This press was critical to the operation of the plant and when the servo valves began sticking, the entire press had to be shut down. This resulted in unplanned downtime and affected the overall productivity of the plant.


Fluitec’s 3% of Fluitec’s DECON™ was added to this hydraulic system.


After DECON was added to the system, the MPC levels drastically declined from 40 to 9 within two weeks. The Schüler press no longer experienced any sticking of their valves nor was there any unplanned downtime due to the presence of deposits. After an entire year of DECON being added to the system, the MPC levels remain within the normal range.

€544K in Cost Savings | 12K liters in Oil Savings

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