US Pipeline



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US Pipeline


Three turbines on a pipeline in the US experienced operational challenges which hampered their availability. All three turbines reported MPC values within the Critical range in excess of 43. There were heavy deposits throughout the system but due to the critical nature of the operation, the turbines could not be shut down for cleaning.


Fluitec’s Boost VR+ was added to all three turbines at rates of 5.0%, 6.7% and 9.2% respectively. Over a 50 day period the MPC values drastically decreased and entered the normal range below 20. The system had been effectively cleaned allowing it to remain online and continue its supply to its end customers.


  • Drastic decline in MPCs from all three turbines from the 45-60 range to the 20-8 Normal range within 50 days after adding Boost VR+ to each system
  • Increased the availability of all three turbines for the pipeline which increased the supply of product to the end customers
  • System is varnish free

$171,000 in Cost Savings 

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