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DECON HD™ is a blend of Group IV and Group V chemistries. DECON HD is ideally suited for lubricants within the viscosity ranges of ISO 150-320 with treat rates of 6-10%.

In addition to having outstanding solubility characteristics, DECON HD also has:

  • Rapid reduction of the oil’s varnish potential as measured by MPC, UC and Particle Counts.
  • Excellent oxidation stability and deposit control characteristics
  • No adverse impact on the in-service oil’s performance (i.e. air release, foam, demulsibility, etc.)

Key Features 

  • DECON HD dissolves varnish.
  • DECON HD provides an immediate impact on system Decontamination.
  • DECON HD protects the oil from forming varnish, providing long-term Deposit Control performance.

The secret to DECON HD’s excellent performance is in its solubility. DECON HD has the same chemical characteristics as the contributors to oil degradation. Following the solubility principle of Like Dissolves Like, DECON HD effectively dissolves the agents that cause oil degradation without affecting the in-service oil’s chemistry or performance.

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