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Improved Solubility to Eliminate Varnish

Your hydraulic oils will reach and stay at peak performance with Fluitec’s fluid enhancers. Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, our BoostTM and DECONTM lines reduce the varnish potential of oils and replenish depleted antioxidants. You’ll minimize oil changes and prolong machine life.

Not only will you generate huge cost savings, but you’ll also help protect the environment through the Fill4LifeTM initiative.



Solvancer is a chemical formulation that improves oil solubility and stops lubricants from producing varnish, even when their antioxidants expire. It’s incorporated into several Fluitec products.


DECONTM is a formulation of synthetic API Group V chemistry that rapidly dissolves varnish and other oil degradation deposits in internal systems. It’s the ideal long-term deposit control solution.

Boost VR+

Boost VR+ is a varnish removal solution that dissolves the varnish and sludge back into the oil, giving you a clean and cost-effective method of extending the life of your machinery.

Vita ESP

The Vita ESP eliminates unscheduled shutdowns in your facility by removing the sludge and varnish through the process of chemisorption. It doesn’t interfere with the hydraulic fluid’s additive system.

Endure IXTM

The Endure IXTM removes all acids, dissolved metals, and all forms of phosphate ester degradation products from hydraulic fluids. It also boasts the longest filter life on the market.

Stealth EHCTM

The Stealth EHCTM uses a steady stream of clean, dry air to remove moisture from phosphate ester fluids. It also reduces the acid formation and prevents rust in the oil reservoir.

Spark FreeTM

Spark FreeTM technology reduces sparks, which reach temperatures of over 10,000°C. It reduces the potential damage caused by electrostatic discharge, like damage on filter elements.

Focusing on Efficiency and Sustainability

No Shutdown

Shutdowns are costly for all kinds of facilities, which is why Fluitec developed solutions that won’t require operations to grind to a halt. Our fluid enhancers’ ability to treat hydraulic oils without shutdowns sets them apart from other solutions. Moreover, they don’t require capital expense but deliver definitive results.

Eco-Friendly Fluid Enhancement

Our fluid enhancers were formulated with sustainability in mind. They’re part of the Fluitec Fill4LifeTM program, an initiative that helps clients reduce their environmental impact. Our technologies help companies minimize oil waste, lower oil demand, reduce GHG emissions, and attain their respective sustainability goals.

Global Reach

Fluitec serves power plants and manufacturing facilities around the world. We have global offices to reach clients in Europe (our office is based in the Netherlands), the Americas (USA), Oceania (Australia), and Asia, Middle East, and Africa (Singapore). Call your regional office today to obtain the best fluid enhancers.

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