Extended Life Lubricant for Turbines


Fluitec’s number one priority is to understand the oxidative stresses on fluids. Through this deep, genuine comprehension, we decided to remove varnish-forming deposits before they even have a chance to go to work in an effort to prolong the useful life of your turbine oil, and extend the life of your machine as well.

Introducing Infinity TO, a product, which after years of simulated stress tests, has created virtually no varnish producing by-products. After being beaten up far beyond industry standards, you’re left with a pure product whose formula chemically controls by-products to keep you up and running, save you an abundance of money over the lifetime of the machine, and have an incredibly positive impact on the environment.

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10-year deposit control performance guarantee

  • Performance guarantee ensuring the MPC value stays in the normal range (maximun MPC of 20) for ten years.
  • No varnish mitigation equipment required.
  • No more performance issues on turbine bearings, servo valves, gears, hydrogen seals, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Reduce downtime by eliminating oil flushes.
  • This is the only performance guarantee in the industry.
  • Significantly reduces lube-oil operational problems such as trips or fail-to-starts

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