Our strategic partnership with Spectrolytic has allowed us to implement laboratory-equivalent analysis of key oil degradation parameters to maintain the longevity and efficiency of industrial machines.

FluidInspectIR®-Inline Oil Condition Analyser

The FluidInspectIR® – Inline is a multi-sensor system for real-time monitoring of the oil condition. The system is either installed in the main oil circuit via a bypass system or it takes the oil from a reservoir (sump, tank) using an integrated pump. Additional functionality can be provided by integrating an optical particle or wear sensor.

The FluidInspectIR – Inline is a plug & play analyser and can be installed remotely. It provides the user with key oil degradation parameters in the same format, units and accuracy as per standard oil analysis laboratory reports.


  • Measurement of key parameters; degradation parameters, additive packages, contamination, ISO grading particle counter, wear sensor (magnetic and non-magnetic wear elements)
  • All data in conventional laboratory units
  • Different configurations available for filed applications
  • Cloud Dashboard capability
  • Plug and Play remote installation of the system

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