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The RISK-FREE way to Remove Varnish

Boost VR+ (Varnish Removal) is a safer and less expensive way of removing varnish and deposits from your lube system.  Boost VR+ uses patent pending technology that can safely be used in oil wetted systems where deposits occur.

  • Compatible with Your lubricant – Boost VR+ is completely compatible with all mineral and PAO-based lubricants
  • Removed Varnish and Sludge – The unique patent pending chemistry of Boost VR+ increases your oil’s solvency while re-solubilizing deposits
  • Easy to use – You simply add Boost VR+ to your lube system 1 month prior to an oil change and connect an ESP System and at the start of your outage, replace the oil
  • Cost Effective – No need for chemical / detergent flushing, no labor required and does not impact outage resources – 1/3 the cost of flushing

Deposits are Damaging

Sludge and varnish in turbines and compressors are well known to disrupt reliable operations. Deposits will adversely impact plant availability and increase maintenance costs. Many plants control lubricant varnish with Fluitec’s ESP technology. If plants don’t proactively control deposits in turbine and compressor oil systems, varnish and sludge need to be removed during planned outages to restore system reliability.



Avoid Flushing if at all Possible!

Chemical cleaning is one method of flushing out varnish. The cleaners typically used for chemical cleaning, contain detergents and dispersants. While they may be effective at removing deposits, detergent/dispersant-based flushing chemicals can be hazardous. Even tiny amounts of residual cleaner can cause compatibility problems, threatening the performance of your new turbine or compressor oil.


Benefits of Using Boost VR+

  • Cleans the internals of your system
  • Increases solubility allowing deposits to be dissolved
  • Improves MPC values
  • Fully compatible – no adverse impact on oil
  • Reduces bearing temperatures
  • No need for chemical / detergent flushing
  • Does not impact outage resources
  • 3 times the value of traditional flushing

Full Varnish Elimination

Boost VR+ & ESP (Electrophysical Separation Process)

System cleanliness is restored with no outage requirements. Fluitec provides Boost VR+ and ESP System (when necessary).

How it Works

  • Enhances the oil’s solubility which re-dissolves deposited degradation products back into the oil.
  • Boost VR+ is a specialized synthetic base oil (API GV) and is fully compatible with your turbine oil.
  • Unlike other cleaning agents, Boost VR+ patent pending technology enhances your oil’s deposit control and has no adverse impact on other oil properties (demulsibility, foam, rust, seal compatibility, etc.)
  • ESP (using Fluitec’s VITA ESP delivery systems) removes the solubilized varnish from the oil which allows more deposits to re-dissolve back into the oil.

Questions about Boost VR+?

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