*as compared to traditional usage and verified by a third party.


Fluitec’s customizable Fill4Life™ program not only extends the life of capital equipment and their fluids but also aims to support our customers’ quality and maintenance programs by minimizing their overall costs and waste. Leveraging the entire Fluitec product and service portfolio, it solves reliability challenges, saves money, optimizes resources, reduces CO2, and extends the life of the fluid.

We know and have proven that many industrial lubricant applications have the potential to be Fill4Life fluids. This is accomplished by minimizing contaminant ingression, removing oil degradation by-products and replenishing sacrificial additive components, all while monitoring the health of the fluid. Fluitec’s vision is to deliver proven technologies that drive the industry closer to the realization of Fill4Life lubrication.

A carbon negative

As the only industrial lubricant manufacturer to attain B Corp certification. We do our part to balance profitability with purpose. Our Fill4Life solutions have been awarded the Solar Impulse efficient solutions label for over 6 years. Our technologies help to reduce the overall GHG emissions into the atmosphere. In fact, Fluitec is carbon negative, saving our customers 6X as much CO2 as we create.

Customer success stories

Increasing productivity and extending oil life for gas turbines in a power plant in Australia
$78,000 in Cost Savings
Prolonging oil life and averting unplanned downtime for a major offshore oil & gas company in Qatar
$70,000 in Cost Savings
Avoiding shutdown of a critical petroleum refinery in Turkey saves company Є5.8M
Є5,800,000 in Cost Savings
Increasing turbine availability saves Australian power generator $166,000 and avoids shutdown
$166,000 in Cost Savings

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