Learn more about how our RULER V Antioxidant Monitoring solution can help your company achieve its fluid life cycle goals.


With enhanced processing, higher resolution, RULER® V™ provides critical information on the health of your lubricant.

Discover oxidation earlier than with any other technologies.

Oils do more than just lubricate. They are an historical archive, giving you a remarkably accurate documentation of machine events and contaminant ingressions.

Can we access this valuable information?

The RULER® V™ provides the full picture of a fluid’s antioxidant health – it’s a window into the health of your lubricant. This technology is a critical part of an effective condition monitoring program.

In the past, indirect measurements of the fluid’s antioxidants were taken. Tests such as RPVOT (ASTM D2272) measure the oxidative stability of the fluid inferring antioxidant levels. This technology has been shown to be less effective in today’s complex formulations employing hydro-treated mineral oils and new antioxidant technologies.

Other techniques to directly measure antioxidants such as infrared analysis (FTIR) often cannot provide the full picture. FTIR interpretation is complex and some additive components mask the critical antioxidant region.

What’s your Remaining Useful Life?

Oxidation chemically degrades oils causing failures.

All oils eventually fail due to oxidation. In many applications such as turbines, hydraulics, compressors and aerospace, oxidation is the primary mode of failure. In these applications, the most important additive components are antioxidants. The patented RULER V uses Linear Sweep Voltammetry to quickly and accurately measure active antioxidants in lubricants and easily trend the depletion of these critical additives. With this information, you now know how much longer your fluid may last. We call this the oil’s Remaining Useful Life (RUL).

ASTM-International-LogoField Tested. Industry Supported.

Be comfortable that your RULER V investment is supported by industry, the RULER technology has received strong industry support over the last 15 years. There are four ASTM standards written around it (D7590, D6971, D6810 and D7527) as well as industry guidelines (DASTM4378 D6224 and DIN – VGB M416). Major equipment OEMs such as Siemens and GE recommend RULER as part of a condition monitoring program. Furthermore, most oil and additive manufacturers use the RULER technology as both a condition monitoring and research tool to gain further insights into their lubricant formulations.

Rugged yet Refined.

The RULER V has a Brilliant 7″ display works in full sunlight and comes with an assortment of value-enhancing features such as:

  • a microphone that allows you to dictate relevant sample data rather than having to type it in,
  • a built-in 8-megapixel camera that can take a picture of your MPC patch (Membrane Patch Colorimetry, ASTM D7843) for measuring varnish potential,
  • and a built-in report template that provides space for integration of the MPC patch picture and comments.

All of this elegance and durability, yet it weighs less than 1.5lbs (0.7kg)

Quick & Connected.

  • Lightning fast, Windows 10 IOT 64 bit, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Windows 8.1 Industry Retail Pro 64bit driven by Intel® Atom® X7-8750 1.6 Ghz with the burst freq. @ 2.56Ghz
  • USB 2.0 port, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the RULER V to a wide range of peripherals such as printers
  • Integrated RDMS IV software that allows you to do all of the analysis and reporting directly on the RULER Tablet.
  • WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n allows internet accessibility with the capability of downloading software updates and other technical support.

RULER® Trade-in Discount

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We are constantly evolving to serve you better and that means our equipment will undergo some evolution as well. We are running a program to trade in your eligible RULER View instrument for credit toward the purchase of the RULER V.

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