Our B Corp Journey

Our B Corp Journey Fluitec began its B Corp Journey over a year ago. After becoming the first and only Industrial lubricant company to become B Corp certified, we have seen tremendous changes to our organization and its impact on the world. When we became certified, we joined over 3,800 certified B Corporations in 150 […]

Can Grease Become Oxidized?

Can grease become oxidized? Typically, when we think about oxidation, oils are at the top of the list. However, greases can oxidize as well. Greases consist of base oil, additives and thickener, hence the base oil or thickener can become oxidized just as in regular oils. When a grease oxidizes, it will lose its capacity […]

Introducing Mobil™ Solvancer®

Introducing Mobil™ Solvancer®  Mobil Solvancer was developed with ExxonMobil based on Fluitec’s DECON technology. This product brings together two major lubrication technology leaders to create a solution for one of the most prevalent challenges to our industry, varnish.  Fluitec’s proven DECON technology formed the foundation for the development of Mobil Solvancer. “This collaboration between ExxonMobil […]