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Phosphate Ester Filter

Removes All Acids│Fill4Life Phosphate Ester Fluid

Keep your fluid clean and dry

Filtration is a critical step in phosphate ester maintenance. Endure IX™ is a proprietary technology that removes all forms of phosphate ester degradation products. In addition to all types of acids, the absorption media removes phenolic alcohols which are responsible for varnish formation in EHC systems.

Endure IX Benefits

  • Removes ALL acids (stronger and weaker)
  • Removes varnish forming byproducts
  • Highest acid capacity
    • 10x the performance of Fuller’s Earth
    • 2x the performance of other IX filters
  • Increases resistivity
  • Removes all dissolved metals
  • Longest filter life on the market
  • Enables a Fill4Life Phosphate Ester Fluid
  • Measure phenolic acid reduction with RulerView


Endure IX performance versus other technologies

A Guaranteed Fill4Life System

Endure IX + Stealth EHC

System cleanliness is restored with no outage requirements. Fluitec provides Endure IX to bring the fluid acidity back to ideal conditions and Stealth EHC™ to remove existing moisture and prevent any further water contamination.

Acid levels lowered, Resistivity increased, metals and varnish molecules removed

How It Works

Fluitec provides the optimum blend of media to target specific contaminants. There are media that specifically remove stronger acids, ones that remove weak acids (phenolic alcohols and varnish-forming molecules) and media that removes dissolved metals from the fluid. As the fluid makes contact with the blended Endure IX media the process of physisorption removes the contaminants. It is recommended to install Stealth EHC along with the Endure IX for optimum performance.

Stealth EHC

Our Stealth EHC system blankets your reservoir headspace with our super-dry clean air. A low pressure air purge in the headspace accomplishes two important tasks simultaneously: It extracts moisture from the fluid while excluding other contaminants from getting in the system. The result is exceptionally clean, dry oil. The system is inexpensive to install, has no moving parts or electrical connections, and requires no maintenance. Quite simply, the Stealth EHC is the highest value contamination control technology you will install at your plant.

Endure IX Applications

  • Power Plant EHC systems
  • Phosphate Ester lubricating oil
  • Naval Hydraulic Equipment
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

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