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Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses and Oil Waste

Boost AO offers two main advantages to industrial facilities. One, it eliminates the need to change oils because it replenishes the additives and consequently extends the oil’s life. It reduces expenditure and makes operations more cost-effective.

Two, it eliminates unnecessary oil waste. This turbine oil treatment solution helps you do your part in protecting the environment, supporting our Fill4Life™ advocacy.


Fill4Life™ is Here

Boost AO is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming your lubes into Fill4Life™ fluids. We’ve created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants in oil – replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry. With this oil treatment solution, you save energy, maximize resources, and generate less waste.

Boost AO Benefits for Turbine and Compressor Oil Additives

  • Replenishes and rebalances the additives in the turbine or compressor oil
  • Indefinitely extends the life of your oil
  • Eliminates turbine / compressor oil purchases
  • No oil changes
  • No need for expensive and risky flushes
  • Transforms your oil from a consumable to an asset
  • Guarantee – no risk
  • 100 % success rate
  • Reduces carbon emissions through demand reduction
  • Increases RULER™ test results
  • Increases RPVOT results

Discover the Full Benefits of Boost AO

Great News for the Planet and Your CFO

For every 1 gallon of Boost AO you use, you save 50 gallons of oil. If you think about it, it’s a huge win for the planet.

It took millions of years for the earth to create this oil, and then it took an immense amount of time, money, and energy to extract and refine it. It falls on you to extend the life of the oil as much as possible.

With Boost AO, this goal is easy to achieve. You don’t have to dispose of waste turbine or compressor oil, and in the process, you help reduce CO2 emission because of your reduced oil demand.

Boost AO turns your turbine oil into a Fill4LifeTM fluid — a substance that both powers and saves the earth. Learn more about our sustainability initiative.

How Boost AO Works


Antioxidant Rebalancing

Boost AO is a treatment customized specifically for your turbine oil and designed to rebalance your additive system. The formulation and treat rate are developed based on your original oil formulation and current condition of the in-service oil. The tailored additive components are blended into a concentrate having a similar viscosity of your in-service oil allowing Boost AO to be blended on-site with no special equipment.


Antioxidants are sacrificial and deplete

Qualification Testing

Not every in-service turbine oil is suitable for additive replenishment solutions. Oil degradation products, mixed formulations and contamination are among some of the reasons that an oil may not be appropriate for restoring antioxidant health.

Fluitec’s scientists have developed a Qualification Test that is required prior to considering Boost AO. Qualification Testing includes running a battery of tests on your in-service oil, developing a customized Boost formulation, blending Boost AO at the specified treat rate with your in-service oil and performing compatibility testing according to ASTM D7155.


Boost Restores Antioxidant Systems

Qualification Testing Process

  • In-Depth Analysis of the In-Service oil
  • Development of a customized Boost AO formulation
  • Boost AO mixed with the in-service oil at specified treat rate
  • Ageing and Compatibility tests done according to ASTM D7155
  • Results are reported and the in-service oil either passes or fails the test


The Combined Power of Boost AO and ESP

While Boost AO and the VITA Electrophysical Separation ProcessTM (ESP) deliver significant advantages on their own, together they create a true Fill4LifeTM system that replaces antioxidants and removes oil degradation by-products for a cleaner, greener operation.


Depleted antioxidants create varnish causing byproducts in the oil

Working Together for Better Results

The thermal and oxidative stresses cause two problems: they deplete the sacrificial antioxidants in oil and create varnish, a detrimental by-product. As a turbine oil treatment, Boost AO replenishes depleted antioxidants but still leaves the problem of varnish.

Fluitec developed the VITA ESP. Through a process called chemisorption, ESP technology removes suspended or dissolved oil degradation products without disturbing the fluid’s additive system. For best results, the ESP media should be tailored to each application and selected based on oil type and condition.


ESP removes the Varnish from the oil and Boost AO replenishes antioxidants

clean system

System cleanliness and antioxidants are restored

Invest in the Vita ESP System

Fluitec’s Vita ESP complements other turbine oil varnish treatments, but it performs best with Boost AO.

Boost AO Warranty

Fluitec warrants that Boost AO is compatible with the existing turbine oil and will not cause any adverse performance effects to the in-service lubricating oil or to the lube oil system*.The addition of Boost is warranted to meet the oxidative and viscometric performance requirements of OEM and International Standard Body turbine oil specifications, including:

• Alstom HTGD 90117
• GEK 32568J
• GEK 27070
• GEK 28143A
• GEK 46506D
• Siemens TLV 9013 04
• Siemens Westinghouse M spec 55125Z3
• Solar ES 9-224
• ASTM D4304
• British Standards Institution BS 489
• DIN 51515

Your Green and Cost-Effective Solution

Formulated for Sustainability

Fluitec is committed to developing products for sustainability, and Boost AO is one of them. The main goal of this turbine oil treatment is to reduce oil waste as much as possible. It saves you a tremendous amount of resources and, at the same time, contributes to your environmental efforts.

By switching to Boost AO, you help make your industry greener.

Definitive Results

Case studies have shown that Boost AO delivers significant cost savings for companies. Our clients have saved as much as 50,000 gallons (190,000L) of oil, translating into millions of dollars in savings. In extending the life of the oil, Boost AO has saved them huge oil replacement costs.

Read our case studies to learn more.

Global Reach

Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Fluitec office you can contact for oil treatment solutions for your turbines and compressors. We have offices in the US (Americas), Netherlands (Europe), Singapore (Afro-Eurasia), and Australia (Oceania/Australia).

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