Oil Life Extension

Fluitec’ s Oil Life Extension portfolio covers a number is critical contamination issues including oil degradation products, varnish, water, acidity, chemical (alcohols), particulates. Our technologies are recommended by major OEMs, such as Siemens.

Keep a Tight Rein on Contamination

Minimize the sludge, varnish, and organic oil degradation products that stick to and impair your machinery. Formulated with Solvancer® technology, our solutions control contamination in your turbine and compressor oils and extend the life of your machines.

You increase maintenance interval, save a significant amount of resources, and get the most out of your assets. Moreover, these treatments are part of our Fill4LifeTM sustainability initiative.



DECON AOTM replenishes the depleted antioxidants in hydraulic oils and helps remove varnish from the system. It also boasts superior seal compatibility and excellent oxidation stability.


DECON AWTM extends the life of hydraulic fluids by replenishing the anti-wear characteristics of the oil. It results in fewer fluid changes, less downtime, and lower fluid change expenses.

Boost AOTM

Boost AOTM eliminates turbine and compressor oil purchases by extending the life of your fluids. It also increases RULERTM test results and improves RPVOT outcomes.

Infinity Turbine Oil

The Infinity Turbine Oil is the last turbine oil you’ll need. It forms virtually no varnish, so you don’t have to change the oil. It will save you money and protect your machinery.

The Green and Cost-Effective Way to Control Contamination

Sustainable Solutions

Fluitec develops solutions that enable clients to reach their sustainability goals. By controlling contamination in your industrial facilities, you reduce the need to change your turbine and compressor oil.

As such, you consume fewer resources, generate less waste, reduce your demand for oil and energy, and release a smaller amount of GHGs. You reduce your environmental impact without compromising your bottom line.

No Shutdown

Unlike other contamination control technologies, Fluitec solutions don’t require shutdowns, which are costly and detrimental to productivity. Our products can be easily integrated into your system without specialized equipment or capital expense. And you enjoy measurable results — we have numerous case studies that quantify the benefits of Fluitec technologies.

Global Reach

Wherever you are in the world, there’s a regional Fluitec office that will serve you. We provide contamination control solutions to plants in the Americas (our office is in the USA), Europe (the Netherlands), Asia, Middle East, and Africa (Singapore), and Oceania (Australia).

Find Out the Right Contamination Solutions for You

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