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It’s no doubt that you would chose to do business with companies that provide reliable, valuable and cost effective products and services. In addition to providing effective and premium technologies, Fluitec also delivers a massive positive Environmental impact to your organization and your organizations sustainability. Beyond the financial savings and simply by doing business with Fluitec your organization will realize a reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Fill4Life - Fluitec's vision for sustainability while extending equipment and fluid life

We’re on a journey to deliver value to our customers by maximizing the life of their rotating equipment assets (not only of their fluids) through our Fill4Life™ program. This program not only extends the life of their capital equipment and their fluids but also aims to support our customers’ quality and maintenance programs by minimizing their overall costs and waste. The program leverages the entire Fluitec product and service portfolio.

Fluitec believes that many industrial lubricant applications have the potential to be Fill4Life fluids. This is accomplished by minimizing contaminant ingression, removing oil degradation by-products and replenishing sacrificial additive components, all while monitoring the health of the fluid. Fluitec’s vision is to deliver proven technologies that inch the industry closer to the realization of Fill4Life lubrication.

Solar Impulse

Fluitec, with our approach of building innovative technologies in the lubricant and hydraulic space, has been awarded the coveted label. Fluitec has essentially created cost-efficient products that systematically reduce power-usage and lubricant consumption downward thus significantly lowering CO2 emissions and reducing wastes. Fluitec’s products have become integrated into power generation, oil & gas and manufacturing facilities across a wide spectrum of industries.

Two of our products, Boost AO and Infinity TO l have been awarded the “1000 Solutions Challenge” by Solar Impulse. In this program, the ‘solutions’ or products, submitted by companies must meet the foundation’s rigorous mission criteria of profitability, market usage and positive ecological impact.

Fluitec is making a difference...not only adding to the bottom line for thousands of companies, but also adding true sustainability to these companies and the environment.

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