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Extend the Life Of Your Hydraulic Fluid

Fill4Life™ is Here

DECON AW is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by extending the life  of your hydraulic fluids. We’ve created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants and replenish the antiwear package in oil – replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry.

DECON AW Benefits

• Extends the life of your hydraulic fluid
• Decreases hydraulic fluid purchases
• Fewer fluid changes
• Less downtime from fluid changes
• Fewer expensive and risky flushes
• Reduces carbon emissions through demand reduction
• Increases RULER™ test results

Environmental & Financial Wins

Great news for the Planet and your CFO
It took millions of years for the earth to make your oil – then a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to extract, ship, refine and formulate it. Shouldn’t you do everything possible to extend the life of the oil you use, for as long as possible? Our customers enjoy the environmental benefits of not having to dispose of waste oil and lower while increasing equipment efficiencies. Even more, they are saving money on both ends. Boost AW and Fluitec’s Fill-For-Life mission makes it a win-win proposition for both you and the planet.

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How It Works

The Fluid Failure Mode

The thermal stress on hydraulic oils has increased significantly over the last 10-years due to higher machine efficiencies, lower leakage rates, increased operational demands and smaller reservoirs. Increased thermal load causes the oil to form damaging varnish and deposits. Valves stick, heat exchangers malfunction and system efficiency is impaired. The primary reason for fluid failure today is oxidation causing varnish formation and equipment failure.


Antioxidants are sacrificial and deplete

The DECON AW Solution

DECON AW upgrades hydraulic oil formulations to a premium antioxidant system, similar to that found in advanced turbine oil formulations. Simultaneously, it replenishes the Antiwear (AW) additives. This will allow hydraulic oils to be able to withstand the thermal loads of the most demanding hydraulic applications while providing the wear protection your equipment demands. DECON AW also increases the life of your oil, extending the time before fluid failure and deposit formation.


Antioxidant and Antiwear Rebalancing
DECON AW Restores Antioxidant Systems

Simplified & Effortless

DECON AW is a tailored additive system blended into a concentrate having a similar viscosity of your in-service fluid. This allows DECON AW to be simply pumped into your hydraulic oil reservoir during operation with no special equipment. The treat rate of DECON AW is between 1.5 and 3% by volume.

DECON AW Replenishes Antiwear Additives

Questions about DECON AW?

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