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The New Standard in Anti-Wear Additive Technology

Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, the DECON AW is a superior hydraulic fluid enhancer solution that elevates in-service oil into an antioxidant and anti-wear system. With DECON AW, the hydraulic oil will withstand extremely high thermal loads, and your machinery and equipment will have a longer service life.

Extend the Life of Your Hydraulic Fluid

As a hydraulic fluid enhancement product, DECON AW is formulated to help facilities reduce unnecessary oil waste. As it extends the life of your hydraulic oil, you maximize your hydraulic fluids, cut costs, and reduce their environmental impact.

This proprietary technology replaces depleted antioxidants and replenishes the anti-wear characteristics of hydraulic oil. It replaces ineffective chemistry with a better and more cost-effective one.

Like the DECON (and unlike other conventional chemical solutions), the DECON AW features excellent oxidation stability and leaves no adverse effect on the performance of in-service hydraulic fluids.

Key Features of DECON AW

  • Prolongs the life of hydraulic fluids
  • Significantly reduces the oil’s varnish potential (as measured by MPC, UC, and Particle Counts)
  • Minimizes sludge, varnish, and other deposits from your system
  • Dissolves varnish from machine internals
  • Improves the deposit control performance of in-service hydraulic oils
  • Reduces the need for fluid changes
  • Lowers downtime due to fluid changes
  • Cuts hydraulic fluid purchases
  • Minimizes risky and costly flushes
  • Reduces carbon emissions by cutting demand
  • Improves RULERTM test results
  • Improves the performance of servo-valves
  • Increases the efficiency of heat exchangers
  • Provides long-term protection against varnish, sludge, and deposits

Uncover the Full Potential of DECON AW

Balance Financial Wins and Environmental Impact

DECON AW gives you a win-win proposition: you generate a more robust bottom line while reducing your impact on the environment.

Our anti-wear hydraulic oil enhancement solution helps you achieve sustainability goals by extending the life of the oil you use (which consumes a huge amount of energy to be produced). You get the most out of your hydraulic fluid and generate less waste. In addition, by reducing machine inefficiencies, you consume fewer precious resources.

The DECON AW is part of our Fill4LifeTM program, a Fluitec initiative enabling companies to do their part in protecting the planet.

The Fluid Failure Mode

Over the last decade, the thermal stress on hydraulic oils has increased significantly because of lower leakage rates, smaller reservoirs, higher operational demands, and improved machine efficiencies. A higher thermal load forces the hydraulic oil to generate varnish and deposits that are harmful to machine systems.

When these deposits form, heat exchangers malfunction, valves stick, and system efficiency decreases. As such, varnish formation is the main reason fluids and equipment fail.


Antioxidants are sacrificial and deplete

The DECON AW Solution

Fluitec developed DECON AW to solve this problem. It’s a hydraulic fluid enhancer solution that upgrades hydraulic oils into a premium antioxidant system like those in advanced turbine oil formulations.

At the same time, it replenishes the anti-wear additives in the oil. As a result, the hydraulic fluid will resist high thermal loads better, even those in extreme hydraulic applications, while protecting the equipment from wear and tear.

DECON AW also extends the life of your hydraulic fluid, keeping fluid failure and deposit formation at bay.


Antioxidant and Antiwear Rebalancing
DECON AW Restores Antioxidant Systems

Simple and Effortless Hydraulic Oil Booster

The DECON AW is easily integrated into your system because its viscosity is similar to your in-service hydraulic oil. Unlike other hydraulic fluid enhancement products, you don’t need specialized equipment to pump the DECON AW into your reservoir during operations.

DECON AW’s treat rate falls between 1.5% and 3% by volume.

DECON AW Replenishes Antiwear Additives

Delivering Definitive Results

Results, with No Capital Expense

What sets Fluitec products apart is their ability to solve equipment issues quickly and efficiently. Unlike other hydraulic fluid enhancement solutions in the market, DECON AW doesn’t require machine shutdown, nor does it need capital expense. This lubrication solution is easily integrated into your system and delivers consistent, reliable results.


A Wide Range of Applications

DECON AW is used in various industries, including manufacturing, plastic injection molding, marine, and mining. With DECON AW, your hydraulic oil withstands high thermal loads in demanding environments and prolongs the life of industry-specific equipment. It comes in two volumes, too (5gal/19L and 55gal/208L), to match your needs.

Patent-Pending Technology

DECON AW uses the Solvancer® patent-pending technology, an API Group V synthetic oil that represses lubricants’ ability to produce varnish and guards critical lube oil systems against hazardous effects. It’s engineered for long-term machinery protection, varnish mitigation, and rapid system decontamination.


Global Reach

Wherever you’re based, there’s a regional Fluitec office you can reach. Fluitec serves plants and facilities in Europe (based in the Netherlands), the Americas (USA), Oceania (Australia), and Asia, Middle East, and Africa (Singapore).

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