Fluitec Partners with Spectrolytic for Revolutionary Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring Sensors

Fluitec, a pioneer in climate solutions and oil degradation management, has joined forces with Spectrolytic, a prominent developer of real-time oil condition monitoring sensors. Together, they aim to revolutionize industrial lubricant management, enhancing environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. This partnership promises laboratory-level analysis for oil degradation parameters in turbomachinery and compressors, marking a significant step towards sustainable industrial practices.

ROTTERDAM, NetherlandsNov. 29, 2023 Fluitec® (www.fluitec.com), a leading innovator in climate solutions and oil degradation management, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Spectrolytic (www.spectrolytic.com), a prominent developer and manufacturer of oil condition monitoring sensors based on mid infrared spectroscopy. This collaboration focusses on applications in turbomachinery and compressors to advance the life cycle management of industrial lubricants, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency

Fluitec’s Fill4Life™ solutions have been instrumental in transforming the conventional, linear lubricant business model into a circular economy. Their expertise lies in identifying oil degradation and proposing effective solutions to prolong the lifespan of oil and reduce waste. This aligns seamlessly with Spectrolytic’s mission to offer laboratory-accurate measurement solutions for in-line and at-line industrial processes.

Fluitec has selected Spectrolytic’s sensor technology based on its exceptional flexibility, scalability, and ease of calibration. The collaboration ensures laboratory-equivalent analysis of key oil and lubricant degradation parameters, a crucial aspect in maintaining the longevity and efficiency of industrial machines.

Pierre Vanderkelen, CEO of Fluitec, states:

“We are excited about this partnership. Spectrolytic’s cutting-edge sensor technology complements our Fill4Life solutions perfectly. This is a significant step towards achieving our goal of creating sustainable, long-lasting solutions for our clients.”

Dr. Carsten Giebeler, CEO of Spectrolytic, adds:

“Partnering with a company that shares our vision for innovation and sustainability is incredibly rewarding. Together, we aim to redefine how industries approach oil condition monitoring.”

For more information on this collaboration, please visit Fluitec and Spectrolytic.

About Fluitec

Fluitec is a leader in climate solutions, specializing in understanding and mitigating oil degradation. Their Fill4Life technology has made significant strides in transforming the conventional lubricant business model into a sustainable, circular economy.

About Spectrolytic

Spectrolytic is a leading developer and manufacturer of mid-infrared sensors and systems. They focus chiefly on oil condition monitoring, providing laboratory-accurate measurement solutions for in-line and at-line industrial processes.

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