Shifting the Mind-set from Consumables to Assets

Shifting the mind-set from consumables to assets Traditionally, lubricants have been treated as consumables which can easily be discarded and replaced at specified intervals. However with the changes in the economy, the fluctuating prices of natural resources and the impact of processing these products on the environment, these should no longer be treated as consumables. […]

RPVOT vs RULER, Which is Better?

RPVOT vs RULER, Which is Better? When monitoring turbine oils, one of the questions we often get asked is whether the user can substitute RPVOT for RULER or vice versa. The short answer to this question is, No. Both tests measure or predict different things hence, one should not replace the other if the user […]

Can Transformer Oils Oxidize?

Can Transformer Oils Oxidize? While we are very familiar with turbine and hydraulic oils undergoing oxidation, the question has arisen, “Can transformer oils also experience oxidation?” Yes, like most oils, transformer oils can experience oxidation however, there are certain factors which affect their rate of oxidation such as its load factor. The oxidation process occurs […]

Are Phosphate Esters Susceptible to Varnish?

Are Phosphate Esters Susceptible to Varnish? Phosphate esters are one of the most popular fire resistant fluids and are used almost extensively in Electro-hydraulic systems (EHC). Like most fluids, it can be prone to failure but does this include varnish? Before we answer that question, let’s explore some of the ways in which a phosphate […]