Setting Multi-Attribute Alarms for Wind Turbine Components

Introduction A significant challenge in operating a wind turbine is to know when there is trouble on the horizon. A primary method is to take measurements of various parameters. Turbines are constantly logging attributes such as wind speed and temperatures. Alongside, there are periodic measurements taken, such as gearbox oil samples. These attributes as a […]

How to Effectively Use the RULER & Report Antioxidants as Percentage of New Oil

This post is directly related to the effective use the RULER even when you don’t have a new oil reference sample or if you have multiple formulations in your reservoir. Monitoring the health of turbine oil antioxidants is one of the most important tests in determining the Remaining Useful Life of a turbine oil. RULER […]

Lubrication Academy Course Dates September 17 & 18th in Atlantic City, NJ

You are invited! Fluitec is pleased to announce that the next Lubrication Academy will be in Atlantic City, NJ on September 17-18, 2013. Lubrication Academy has been attended by hundreds of people from over 25 countries. This highly acclaimed course provides in-depth information on how to best monitor and maintain critical lubricants used in rotating […]

Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Analysis Strategy

By Greg Livingstone, Amar Pradhan and Mary Moon of Fluitec International *This blog is an excerpt from the Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Analysis Strategy whitepaper. To receive a copy of the full text, request by clicking here. Wind turbines have the potential to generate enough power to meet growing needs for electricity, diversify sources of […]