Major Automobile Manufacturer



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Major Automobile Manufacturer


A major automobile manufacturer experienced valve sticking on their hydraulic presses. The accumulation of varnish usually caught them unaware as no oil analysis tests were being performed. They also saw a lot of failing pumps and seal locks. While Varnish Mitigation systems were being employed, there was a high consumption of filter elements and once they were disconnected, the MPC levels rose quickly.


MPC tests were integrated into the condition monitoring program and Fluitec’s DECON was added at a 3% treat rate to the system. Immediately, there was a steady decline in the varnish levels and they no longer experienced sticking of the valves. DECON AW was also added to help maintain the antioxidant levels and help control the formation of deposits.


  • MPC values were drastically decreased.
  • RULER values increased allowing longer life of the hydraulic oil\
  • Valves no longer stuck causing delays in production.
  • System is varnish free

$1.3M in Cost Savings 

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