Gas Treatment Plan



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Gas Treatment Plant


The Client began experiencing axial bearing deposits and increases in temperature at their gas treatment plant. Oil analysis showed MPC levels in excess of 30 and significant declines in the presence of Amines, below 20%! This negatively impacted on the efficiency of the plant and threatened unplanned downtime or even shutdowns.


Fluitec’s Legacy ESP was installed on the system and there was an immediate decline in the MPC values to 10. The Legacy ESP unit remained on the system and the filters were changed accordingly. This allowed the system to maintain normal MPC levels and reduce the temperatures on the axial bearings for more than 10 years!


  • After installation of the Legacy ESP system there was a decline in MPC values to 10 and these were maintained within the normal range for the next ten years with appropriate filter changes. The temperatures on the system have been normalized and there are no threats of an unplanned shutdown or downtime.

$120,000 in Cost Savings

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