Major Oil Refinery



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Major Oil Refinery


A major oil refinery in Spain began experiencing very low values of antioxidants in their gas turbines. The MPC level was also at 27 indicating the presence of deposits in the system. This threatened a shutdown during which they would have to perform an oil flush and oil replacement. They wanted to prevent this costly issue.


Fluitec’s DECON AO was added at a 3% rate to their gas turbines. This immediately showed an increase in the presence of both phenolic and aminic antioxidants and a decrease in the MPC value. The oil refinery could continue operations without having to perform an oil flush or replacement.


  • MPC value reduced from 27 to 7 within one month of adding DECON AO
  • RULER values drastically increased. Phenols % were 35 and this increased to 66 and 68. Amines % were 25 and this increased to 100 and has been maintained thus far.
  • No unexpected shutdowns
  • System is varnish free

$258,000 in Cost Savings 

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