U.S. Pipeline



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U.S. Pipeline


A Pipeline in the US started experiencing operational issues due to deposits in three of their turbines. All three turbines noticed MPC values in the Critical range above 60. These were causing reduction to the capacity of products being delivered to their customers.


Fluitec’s Boost VR+ was added to all three turbines at rates of 8.8%, 8.8% and 5.3% respectively. Within 14 days, the MPC values drastically reduced on all three turbines to enter the Normal range below 10. These values were maintained within that range for more than 50 days after adding the Boost VR+ to the system.


  • Drastic decline in MPCs from all three turbines from the 60-65 range to the Normal range below 10 within 14 days after adding Boost VR+ to each system.
  • There was no need to flush the system and change oil as the system became decontaminated with the Boost VR+
  • Increased the availability of all three turbines for the pipeline which increased the supply of product to the end customers

$172,000 in Cost Savings 

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