Major Offshore Oil Company



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Major Offshore Oil Company


A major offshore oil company began noticing spikes in their bearing temperatures. Upon investigation, soft varnish was found in five of their Solar Taurus 60 Turbines. The MPC levels ranged between 38-56. In the past, after performing a regular oil change on a turbine experiencing varnish, a spike in bearing temperatures was recorded due to soft contaminants lingering in the system. The oil needed to be changed on these five turbines but the customer wanted to avoid the downtime associated with performing a mechanical flush to remove any deposits from the system.


Fluitec’s partner, Ocean Team Qatar a Petrotec company, serviced the customer and Fluitec’s Boost VR+ was added to the lube reservoirs of the five turbines approximately 1-2 months prior to the oil change and upgrade.


  • MPC values were reduced to half within 24 hours
  • MPC values were maintained under 25 during the 1-2 month period before the oil change
  • 7-9 months after the oil change, there have been no spikes in bearing temperatures and MPC levels remain below 15
  • System is varnish free

$275,000 in Cost Savings 

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