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Elevated temperatures beyond the 90°C warning threshold emerged in a Hitachi Refrigerant compressor, persisting consistently after a recent oil upgrade. Despite MPC values within the normal range at 2.4, a colorless, wax-like substance was visually identified on the interior surfaces of the bearings during physical inspection.


With the help of Petrotec, Fluitec’s ESP VITA™ III unit was attached to the system and bi-weekly samples taken to monitor the progress of the removal of the degradation products.


On the same day of connecting the ESP VITA III unit, the bearing temperatures fell by 30°C then normalized below 90°C. Even after disconnecting the unit (15 days later), the temperatures remained below 90°C which eliminated the possibility of a bearing failure.

$76,000 in Cost Savings | 3,500 liters in Oil Savings

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