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Following a recent overhaul involving lube oil and filter replacement, as well as a comprehensive oil cooler plate renewal, a customer observed elevated temperature, heightened differential pressure, and increased bearing vibration in one of their turbines. Despite the absence of critical varnish warnings in the lube oil analysis, the noted alterations raised significant concerns. Notably, with an MPC value of 20, the lube oil filters exhibited substantial contamination.


With the help of Petrotec, Fluitec’s DECON™ was added and its ESP VITA III™ unit was attached to the system. These should help remove both the soluble and insoluble varnish from the system.


Upon introducing DECON into the system, deposits were efficiently eradicated, resulting in a marginal reduction of the MPC value. Subsequent integration of the ESP VITA III unit precipitated a significant decline in MPC levels, accompanied by substantial oil purification. Even post-removal of the ESP VITA III unit, MPC levels have consistently remained at markedly low levels. Over the past 14 months, there have been no indications of temperature, differential pressure, or vibration escalations.

$75,000 in Cost Savings | 3,500 liters in Oil Savings

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