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A leading gas turbine manufacturer observed the depletion of antioxidant levels below the minimum threshold of 25%, coupled with elevated MPC levels. Given operational constraints, there was an imperative to address this issue without resorting to an unplanned outage or dedicating time for an oil change in the turbine.


Introducing Boost AO™ into the system at a 3% treat rate aimed to enhance the lubricant’s lifespan and augment antioxidant levels for improved performance.


Following the introduction of Boost AO, an immediate elevation in RPVOT and RULER values was observed. Simultaneously, MPC levels exhibited a decline and have consistently maintained stability below 10 for the past 1.5 years. This prolonged oil durability has enabled the plant to circumvent a costly unplanned shutdown and associated maintenance expenses for an oil change.

$76,000 in Cost Savings | 1,500 liters in Oil Savings

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