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After nine years in service, a specific oil exhibited escalating bearing temperatures, with the MPC value surpassing the critical limit of 30. With the next planned shutdown scheduled 12 months away, there arose a critical need to prolong the oil’s lifespan to avert an imminent unplanned shutdown.


With the help of Petrotec, Fluitec’s VITA ESP™ III unit was attached to the system and DECON™ added at a rate of 3%. This would help to prevent further deposits while removing the existing deposits and extend the life of the oil until the planned shutdown.


In a span of four days, a remarkable 97% reduction in MPC value was achieved, concomitant with a substantial decline in bearing temperatures. Sustained maintenance of bearing temperatures below the critical threshold ensued. Post ESP offline disconnection, both bearing temperatures and MPC levels continued within normal operational limits.

$374,000 in Cost Savings | 16,000 liters in Oil Savings

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