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Do You Use Rotating Equipment? Lubrication Academy Is Where You Need To Be.

There are a lot of ways to learn how to maintain the lubrication in your rotating equipment. You could watch videos. You could read books. You could teach yourself. You could try to apply what you’ve learned and see if it works, and chalk it up to experience. Those are potentially viable ways to gain…

Everything You Thought You Knew About Turbine Oil Is About To Change.

Infinity Turbine Oil

Introducing Infinity Turbine Oil!  We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Infinity Turbine Oil. But we’re even more excited to tell you you’ll never need to buy turbine oil again. Ever. Seriously. Let us explain!  Infinity TO, a product, which after years of simulated stress tests, has created virtually no varnish producing by-products. After being beaten…

Maximize your Lubricant Life

Sacrificial antioxidants play a critical role in determining the life and performance of turbine oils. The vast majority of the time when these oils are changed, the base stock is still healthy but the fluid is condemned…

New White Paper: The Journey to Fill-For-Life

Large frame gas turbines are prone to expensive reliability issues due to oil degradation. For the last decade, Fluitec has been on the ground floor of understanding and providing solutions to gas…

To Flush or not to Flush (your oil system)… that is the Question

Flushing a lubricating system, when required and done effectively, can be helpful for your machines. Restoring system cleanliness can add years of life to your equipment. However, flushing


New Product - DECON - Decontaminate and Deposit Control Learn about DECON