One-Stop-Shop to Keep your Oil Clean Healthy and Contaminant Frees

We are helping companies reduce mechanical and fluid problems with various filtration solutions:

  • ESP – Varnish Mitigation – Chemical Filtration
  • Endure IX – Acid scavenging for Phosphate Ester Fluids
  • Particulate Filters
  • Depth Media Filters
  • Spark Free – Electrostatic Discharge Filters

Each type of filter has specialized filtration techniques to solve specific but common problems, but together they help transform your lubricating or hydraulic oils into Fill4Life™ Fluids.

Elements and Filters

Vita ESP Electophysical Separation Process is a patent-pending lubricant varnish and deposit mitigation technology using chemical filtration.

ESP Elements to Retrofit other Equipment and Housings

Endure IX™ removes all fluid degradation products from phosphate ester and EHC fluids such as acids, gels and varnish.

To solve Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) problems, the Fluitec Spark-Free filter elements employ an advanced media technology to dissipate triboelectric charges generated via the flow of fluids through filter media. The unique media ensures a low charge across both media and fluid over long periods of time to mitigate sparking.

Today’s advanced equipment designs are pushing lubricants with higher velocity than ever before. With a focus on cleanliness, oils are squeezing through tighter filtration. Today’s formulated products incorporating Group II and III basestocks have significantly lower conductivity values. All of these factors lead to a much greater occurrence of electrostatic spark discharge.  Sparks reach temperatures of greater than 10,000C. Antioxidant packages deplete and degradation products are produced. This translates to a shorter lubricant life and the creation of problems such as sludge and varnish. In addition, holes in the filter media are produced, significantly lowering the efficiency of the filter.

Particulate Filters

In line with Fluitec’s mission for Fill4Life, we recognize clean fluid is key to maintaining fluids to last the life of the equipment.  In line with our mission, we have designed superior filtration products developed for filtration and separation, fuel conditioning and filtration, hydraulic and lubrication filtration, fluid power products and fluid condition monitoring equipment as part of our broad-based range that covers most industrial markets and the majority of applications.

Depth Media Filters

Fluitec depth media filters, constructed of specially formulated cellulose media and inorganic filter aids, provide reliable particle retention and enhanced throughput for superior performance in critical applications. The filter media utilize mechanical and electrokinetic adsorptive capture mechanisms to remove particles, from critical process streams. The module format allows the filtration process to occur within a totally enclosed environment. This eliminates the potential for atmospheric contamination and product loss through leakage.  Our filters can be used both in existing housings and in Fluite’s VITA ESP II and VITA ESP III machines typically used for varnish mitigation.

Questions about Filters?

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