Oil treatments for turbines depend on the machine’s condition. Unlike automobiles that require an oil change at regular intervals, turbines need to be examined and their oil analyzed to determine the need for this service. When you’re unfamiliar with the process, you wouldn’t know when to do an oil change.

When is it time to change turbine oil?

Taking care of your turbine’s internal components affects the machine’s performance. This robust machine requires special care to ensure durability. Through a comprehensive oil analysis of your turbine, you can uncover indications that it’s time to change your turbine oil:

Low Oxidation Stability

The rotating pressure vessel oxidation test (RPVOT) evaluates the turbine’s oxidation stability. The test determines if additive contaminants and degradation products have compromised the oil. It works on the assumption that the oil’s antioxidant levels affect its oxidation stability.

Low Antioxidant Levels

The RPVOT determines the turbine oil’s antioxidant levels as well. Replacing depleted antioxidants will help you monitor their levels in the future. It also helps you ascertain the depletion rate, giving you an idea of when to replenish the supply.

Loss of Water Separability

Turbines contain oil and water, which naturally separate from each other. But contaminants can lower the liquids’ demulsibility and cause them to mix. When this happens, your turbine’s performance is compromised, and it can result in damage.

Fluid Incompatibility

In some cases, an incompatible fluid can contaminate your turbine oil. When this happens, the oil may foam or create two-phase fluids. Both of these can severely damage your turbine, resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.
Knowing what to look for in your oil analysis is essential in your turbine’s maintenance. Learn everything about these common issues to easily detect red flags. The earlier and faster you identify the problem, the earlier you can implement necessary solutions.

Boost AO: Your Answer to Turbine Oil Change

Fluitec International improves oil treatment for turbines. We developed Boost AO to enhance our Fill4Life™ advocacy project. This project aims to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming regular lubricants into Fill4Life™ fluids.

The Benefits of Boost AO

Boost AO is a specialized technology customized to your needs. It uses your original oil formulation and blends tailored additive components into a concentrate that is specific to your turbine’s current condition. It brings the following benefits:

    • Extends your oil’s lifespan indefinitely
    • Transforms your oil into an asset
    • Stops the need for oil changes
    • Removes the need for flushes
    • Reduces carbon emissions
    • Increases RPVOT results
    • Enhances RULER™ results

All these benefits result in environmental and financial wins for you. To put it into perspective, every single gallon of Boost AO is equivalent to 50 gallons of regular turbine oil — a lot of savings for your business!

Also, making the switch means you don’t have to keep changing your turbine oil, and you don’t have to keep on disrupting your operations to do so. When you don’t disrupt your operations, you become more productive and profitable.

And as an added benefit — which is the real goal of this whole project — Boost AO effectively helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in Boost AO, Fluitec International is more than happy to answer your questions. Get in touch with us to learn more.