Fluitec is Certified to Do Good!

Fluitec is Proud to be a Certified B Corporation! In fact, we are the ONLY B Corp Certified Industrial Lubricant Company in the WORLD!

What’s a B Corp?

We make it our business to do good. As the first and only lubricant company to be a certified Benefit Corporation, or B Corp, we’re part of a global movement to redefine success in business. By balancing profit with purpose, we seek to achieve higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Certification is administered by the non-profit organization B Lab, much like how Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO) certifies products as USDA Organic or the USGBC awards LEED certification to buildings.

Our B Corp Story

Fluitec is purpose-driven with a goal to reduce the environmental impact of industrial companies’ operations through innovative lubricant technology.   Our mantra, Fill4Life, is the concept of extending the life of industrial lubricants and increasing equipment efficiency, which directly and indirectly leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions and industrial waste.

You can imagine with customers in all sectors of Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Industrial Gases, Mining, Marine etc. there’s great cause to try to minimize environmental impact.  As a supplier to these industries in addition to increased reliability and cost savings, we bring measurable sustainability benefits. It is fantastic to see organizations elevate sustainability and the environment as a requirement or KPI in their purchasing decisions.

Our products have received sustainability recognition and validation from Solar Impulse’s 1000 Solutions Award.  Receiving B Corp Certification further validates that not only are we delivering value to our customers, and the environment, we are also achieving value for our employees, our communities, and our shareholders.

Being the first lubricant company to achieve this high standard sends a message that this level of responsibility can be achieved no matter what industry you are in.

Our B Impact Score

We score big, for the better.

Our score is based on the comprehensive B Impact Assessment, which quantifies our environmental health, workforce benefits, community contribution, and governance transparency through rigorous surveying and point systems.

See our B Impact score here.

How to Be a B Corp

As a Benefit Corporation, we’re evaluated on four main impact areas—environment, employees, community, and governance. Here’s what we’re doing to make a positive impact across all areas of our business.


Benefiting the Planet

  • Fill4Life Our products inherently.
  • Reduction of paper Products Used: Brochures are sent digitally only.  We now use digital business cards.
  • We source environmentally friendly other-than-paper products.
  • We source from other B Corps.

Benefiting Our People

When our team is happy, our customers are happy which makes our stakeholders happy! We provide equitable pay, equitable benefits and a flexible work environment.


Benefiting by Governance

We take pride in our corporate responsibilities. We have a Board of directors in place and we share our financial results all employees.


Benefiting Our Community

With a community focused culture, we encourage and support our employees in volunteerism. We make donations to organizations that are aligned in our goals to reducing CO2 and helping our planet.

We Are in Good Company

Questions About B Corp?