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Everything You Thought You Knew About Turbine Oil Is About To Change.

Infinity Turbine Oil

Introducing Infinity Turbine Oil! 

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Infinity Turbine Oil. But we’re even more excited to tell you you’ll never need to buy turbine oil again. Ever. Seriously.

Let us explain! 

Infinity TO, a product, which after years of simulated stress tests, has created virtually no varnish producing by-products. After being beaten up far beyond industry standards, you’re left with a pure product whose formula chemically controls by-products to keep you up and running, saves you an abundance of money over the lifetime of the machine, and has an incredibly positive impact on the environment.

Infinity Turbine Oil is both the cost effective solution and the environmentally sound solution. When was the last time those stars aligned? 

We guarantee it. Yup, we went there.

Infinity Turbine Oil comes with a Ten Year Deposit Control Performance Guarantee. You read it right: we’re so confident Infinity TO will be a fantastic solution for you that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Here’s what the performance guarantee looks like: 

  • Performance guarantee ensuring the MPC value stays in the normal range for ten years.
  • No varnish mitigation equipment required.
  • No more performance issues on turbine bearings, servovalves, gears, hydrogen seals, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Reduce downtime by eliminating oil flushes.
  • This is the only performance guarantee in the industry.
  • Significantly reduces lube-oil operational problems such as trips or fail-to-starts.

Infinity Turbine Oil completes Our Fill-For-Life circle. 

We take our mission to make the world cleaner through Fill-For-Life very seriously. That’s why Infinity TO is the perfect way to complete the proverbial circle. As we work tirelessly to transform the way businesses think about their lubricants and fluids (as assets instead of consumables) we’re thrilled for Infinity TO to be such a complimentary part of that process. 

We invite you to learn more about Infinity TO here, including all about its deposit control technology, performance characteristics, oxidative performance and environmental impact. 


  • Josh Wagner
  • Josh Wagner / About the author

    Josh is the Director of Marketing and Sales Enablement for Fluitec. He is responsible for the Global branding, marketing, PR as well as all Channel Partner management functions. In addition he manages the Company's Sales Enablement initiatives. Josh was previously the Sales & Marketing Manager for Spectro / Jet-Care responsible for all Sales & Marketing aspects covering the Americas. His experience and success selling and marketing premium oil analysis services is a perfect fit for his role at Fluitec. Josh is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a degree in Business & Economics. When Josh is not in work mode, he is definitely spending time with his two daughters!


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