COVID-19 Fluitec’s Response


Updated: May 07, 2020


In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fluitec is providing the following humanistic approach to do our part in fighting the virus and supporting the critical needs of our fellow colleagues, partners and customers:

Our People: All of our non-operations employees are working from home and are complying with their local and national guidelines.  We have minimized manufacturing staff and added shifts throughout the night to comply with social distancing and minimize potential exposure.

Your People:  We value you, your colleagues and families’ health and safety.  All products with hard surfaces will be wiped and disinfected before shipping.  We will minimize contact and request virtual meetings rather than in-person.

Critical industries we’re supporting:

We are supporting 10 of the 16 identified critical infrastructures sectors, such as:

  • Emergency Services, such as hospitals and industrial gas manufacturing producing critical gases such as Oxygen
  • Energy, including upstream and midstream oil production and power production
  • Food and Agriculture, especially those requiring industrial Gases
  • Information Technology, such as Data Centers
  • Chemical industries

We will prioritize our projects for these critical needs.  We know that Hospitals are at the front lines of this pandemic and we will do what it takes to ensure they maintain power and operations.

For those customers that have an ongoing or upcoming project with us, our lead times are currently not affected. We have been working closely with our suppliers and if there is any disruption, we will notify you immediately.

Inventory, Operations and Logistics:

With customers in over 100 countries, we are increasing regional inventory levels around the world and diversifying our manufacturing footprint.  This allows us to continue to service even if there is an disruption at one of our manufacturing sites.

With logistical uncertainty ahead, we are receiving and fulfilling many orders for replacement stock, such as filter elements for ESP, etc.  We have created a calculator where you can determine your immediate need and order elements here.

New Services during these times:

To be able to respond in the face of the pandemic we have created services to assist our customers who need critical assistance.

Emergency Varnish Service:  If you have critical rotating equipment that has varnish issues and cannot be shutdown we can provide a guaranteed quick solution to solve a varnish related issue within 7 days.

Lubrication Consultation: From the founders of Lubrication Academy, our internationally recognized experts will conduct a virtual consult (free of charge) for your lubrication needs. Request a consultation here.


With sincerest regards for your health and safety,

Pierre Vanderkelen

Driven by Values, Delivering on a Vision.