Introducing Mobil™ Solvancer® 

Mobil Solvancer was developed with ExxonMobil based on Fluitec’s DECON technology. This product brings together two major lubrication technology leaders to create a solution for one of the most prevalent challenges to our industry, varnish.

 Fluitec’s proven DECON technology formed the foundation for the development of Mobil Solvancer. “This collaboration between ExxonMobil and Fluitec helps scale our patent-pending technology while bringing high value, cost effective solutions to Mobil’s customer base. We are delighted to join forces with such a world class organization and help fill a gap in the marketplace for such a value-add product,” Pierre Vanderkelen, CEO of Fluitec. 

Getting the details

Here are 4 quick facts about Mobil Solvancer:

*Improves Reliability and reduces cost of operation – quickly addresses varnish formation caused by escalating bearing temperatures and helps to avoid issues such as re-adhesion, transfer of deposits, filter fouling and more.

*Reaches extended overhaul-to-overhaul goals – helps with oil life extension, offering protection of more than one year, mitigating the need for more aggressive, short-term options.

*Industry-leading performance – designed for gas or steam turbines, compressors and hydraulic systems. It does not require systems to be taken offline when used to eliminate minor deposits or in support of oil life extensions (as determined by oil analysis and sampling results).

*Compatible with most in-service oils – gentle on systems and compatible with a wide range of oils including all lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API Group I-IV base stocks.

As a part of continuing to deliver value to customers globally, Fluitec has worked closely with ExxonMobil to bring Mobil Solvancer to the market. This is an oil-soluble cleaner designed for gas and steam turbine applications, compressors and hydraulic systems. It can be added to in-service oils to quickly dissolve varnish and organic deposits. This helps to maintain system cleanliness and optimize reliability. It offers one of the industry’s lowest* treat rates which can extend protection of equipment for more than one year thus allowing operators to optimize overhaul-to-overhaul periods. This oil-soluble cleaner is gentle on systems and compatible with lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API Group I to IV base stocks with no adverse impact on in-service oil or additive performance.

Varnish affects most within our industry, from plant managers, maintenance managers to reliability engineers. Mobil Solvancer is engineered to provide a new way of easily reducing maintenance costs, increasing reliability and efficiency while ensuring a positive impact to the overall sustainability of the operation. Mobil Solvancer can assist in solving bearing temperature issues, sticking servos, filter blockages and minimize unexpected shutdowns. The combination of in-depth expertise and industry-leading technology from both of these leaders have worked together to develop a solution for this global challenge of varnish.

Improving reliability and increasing efficiency

The team has worked with a number of customers to gain experience with Mobil Solvancer including those customers who were using Solar, Siemens, General Electric, MAN, FS Elliot and Aerzen equipment. Both Siemens and Solar Turbines have direct experience with Mobil Solvancer and encourage its use to their customers.

Mobil Solvancer can help extend the life of a lubricant when treated at a maintenance 3% dosage. This maintenance dosage improves system cleanliness through added oil solubility. For oil life extensions, the 3% treat rate is recommended. The treat rate is based on the customer intention of oil life extension, trouble-shooting or impending product conversion. However, for oil conversions, a treat rate of 5% of Mobil Solvancer to the in-service oil should be used for approximately one month in advance of the changeover. This is one of the lowest* treat rates within the industry compared to an average rate of 10-15% used for extended protection of more than one year.

Sarah Parsons, North America Industrial Lubricants Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants Company states, “When operating power generation and petrochemical equipment, maximizing productivity and enhancing reliability is critical to minimizing downtime and driving your bottom line.  That’s why we partnered with Fluitec, the industry’s leading oil enhancement technology company, to develop Mobil Solvancer, a cost-effective cleaner that can help operators dissolve varnish and deposits that can cause long-term harm to systems while keeping their equipment running longer between overhauls. That means less downtime – both planned and unplanned.” 

*Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used

Some FAQs about Mobil Solvancer

Q: Are there any paint, epoxy or elastomer concerns?

A: Mobil Solvancer has no known issues with paint, epoxy or elastomers commonly used in power generation/petro chemicals applications or componentry.


Q: My company is not a power generation or petrochemical company, but I operate gas turbine / steam turbine / compressor / hydraulic systems. Can I still use this product?

A: Absolutely. Mobil Solvancer can be used in these applications regardless of your industry.


Q: Can I switch to a less advanced and less expensive lubricant and use this product to deliver the same level of protection?

A: Mobil Solvancer will not improve or diminish lubricant performance with regard to oxidation stability, anti-rust, gear wear, foam, demulsibility, or air release. It is meant to supplement the performance of the lubricant and dissolve varnish and deposits formed by intense operating conditions. Given that fact, Mobil Solvancer cannot compensate for any performance impact caused by converting to a less advanced lubricant.


Q: Do I need this product to get the most performance out of Mobil lubricant products?

A: No, we offer customers a range of high-performance lubricants that can protect gas and steam turbines, compressors, and hydraulic equipment for long periods of time without the need for an oil-soluble cleaner. In many cases, these oils deliver robust performance that help customers meet their reliability and productivity goals. In some cases, the intense operating conditions of the equipment result in varnish and deposit formation for reasons other than the oil itself. In those situations, Mobil Solvancer is an ideal solution.


Q: Can I use this product in conjunction with non-Mobil lubricant products?

A: Yes, Mobil Solvancer is compatible with lubricant and hydraulic oils formulated with API group I – IV base stocks and has no adverse impact on in-service oil or additive performance. Mobil Solvancer also offers exceptional seal compatibility, and it is benign to paints and coatings commonly used in gas and steam turbine applications, compressors and hydraulic systems. As a result, the cleaner can be added to most in-service oils without the need for flushing or system cleaning, an expensive and time-consuming process.


Q: You state the cleaner is compatible with most in-service oils without the need for flushing and cleaning. Which oils is it not compatible with?

Mobil Solvancer is gentle on systems and compatible with a wide range of oils, including lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API group I to IV base stocks. However, it is not compatible with PAG-based lubricants. We recommend reaching out to your ExxonMobil Lubrication Engineer or Authorized Mobil Distributor to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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