Infinity Breeze 320

A Fill4Life™ Wind Turbine Gear Oil

Increase Gear Oil Life by 100%

A primary failure mode of industrial oils is oxidation. Gearboxes and lube systems are running hotter, reservoirs are smaller and fluids today are exposed to extreme thermal stresses. Fluitec has developed a next-generation industrial oil based on a synthetic platform formulated with state-of- the art additive components. Fluitec’s Infinity CT 220 uses technology that allows the additive components to be replenished while the fluid is in-service resulting in dramatically longer service life. The fluid is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of high temperature gearboxes, air compressors and vacuum pumps used in a variety of industries.

Heavy Duty

Infinity Breeze 320 is designed for the heavy duty gear environment of wind turbine main gears as well as oil lubricated rolling bearings that exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 51517-3 for CLP gear oils.

  • Advanced synthetic formulation provides benefits over typical PAO or mineral-based gear oils
  • Meets major OEM gearbox approvals
  • Compatible with existing gear oils
  • High resistance to micro-pitting
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Superior gear and bearing protection
  • Increased viscosity index for enhanced low temperature protection

Infinity Breeze 320 reduces Oil Costs

Infinity Breeze 320 reduces oil costs by at least 60% over the life of your wind turbine.


What is Fill4Life™?

Sacrificial antioxidants play a critical role in determining the life and performance of oils. The vast majority of the occasions when these oils are changed, the base stock is still healthy, but the fluid is condemned because of low oxidative stability. A Fill4Life solution examines how to determine if antioxidant replenishment is suitable and if so, how the life of your oil can be extended.

Questions about Infinity Breeze 320?

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