Infinity Fluids

Never change your oil again with Fluitec’s Infinity Fluids. After being beaten up far beyond industry standards, you’re left with a pure product whose formula chemically controls by-products to keep you up and running, save you an abundance of money over the lifetime of the machine, and have an incredibly positive impact on the environment.

Infinity Fluids Solutions

With Solvancer patented technology, never change your oil again. Infinity TO 32/46 is the first turbine oil with a 10 year guarantee, varnish free, no deposit.


A Fill4Life cooling tower gear oil, Infinity CT 220 uses technology that allows additives to be replenished while in-service resulting in dramatically longer service life.


Infinity Breeze 320™ is designed for the heavy duty gear environment of wind turbine main gears as well as oil lubricated rolling bearings that exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 51517-3 for CLP gear oils.


Questions About Infinity Fluids?

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