Hydraulic oils often encounter various failure modes. This is no surprise as hydraulic oils undergo some of the harshest operating conditions from very tight clearances to transmitting power over long distances. Hydraulic oils should also be kept as clean as possible. These oils are required to be transported through very small clearances hence, it is critical that it does not contain any deposits. However, due to the operating environment, it is often observed that hydraulic oils are subjected to degradation frequently.

Can the life of a hydraulic fluid be extended?

Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the amount of thermal stress that hydraulic oils endure. This escalation is mainly as a result of the following changes:

  • Lower Leakage rates
  • Smaller reservoirs
  • Higher operational demands
  • Improved machine efficiencies

These higher thermal loads are responsible for hydraulic oils producing varnish and deposits which negatively impact the oil and system. These deposits are usually accountable for the malfunction of heat exchangers, sticking of valves and overall decreases in system efficiency. Given this harsh operating environment and the need for clean hydraulic oils, one would expect relatively short lifespans for these oils.

However, if there was a treatment which could be added to hydraulic oils to keep them clean, reduce the deposits found in them and help them to last longer, then its life could be extended.  DECON AWTM has been formulated to do exactly that! It is a superior hydraulic fluid enhancer integrated with Solvancer® (a patent pending technology) which elevates in service oil into an antioxidant and antiwear system. It is designed to allow hydraulic oils to withstand extremely high thermal loads to ensure a longer service life.

Getting the details on DECON AW

DECON AW was created specifically for hydraulic oils. Its proprietary technology replaces the depleted antioxidants while replenishing the antiwear characteristics of hydraulic oils. When hydraulic oils degrade, the antioxidants responsible for protecting the base oil are rapidly depleted. When these antioxidants have been depleted, the base oil is now exposed and can be attacked. However, if the antioxidant levels are maintained at a healthy level, then the base oil will not be degraded. On the other hand, hydraulic oils are also known for their antiwear characteristics. Similar to antioxidants, these are sacrificial in nature. As such, they can become depleted and this prevents the hydraulic oil from protecting the equipment. DECON AW helps to ensure that the antiwear features are maintained.

One of the key features of DECON AW is that it replaces ineffective chemistry with a better, more cost effective one. It has excellent oxidation stability and does not leave an adverse effect on the performance of in-service fluids. Here are a couple of key features of DECON AW:

  • Prolongs the life of hydraulic fluids
  • Significantly reduces the oil’s varnish potential (as measured by MPC, UC, and Particle Counts)
  • Minimizes sludge, varnish, and other deposits from your system
  • Dissolves varnish from machine internals
  • Improves the deposit control performance of in-service hydraulic oils
  • Reduces the need for fluid changes
  • Lowers downtime due to fluid changes
  • Cuts hydraulic fluid purchases
  • Minimizes risky and costly flushes
  • Reduces carbon emissions by cutting demand
  • Improves RULERTM test results
  • Improves the performance of servo-valves
  • Increases the efficiency of heat exchangers
  • Provides long-term protection against varnish, sludge, and deposits

DECON AW’s use of Solvancer® ensures the repression of the lubricant’s ability to produce varnish and guards against hazardous effects to the lube system. It has been engineered for long term machinery protection, varnish mitigation and rapid system decontamination.

Simple and Effortless

DECON AW can be easily integrated into any hydraulic system. Its viscosity is similar to most in-service hydraulic oils. It is a tailored additive system blended into a concentrate which can be readily added to any system at treat rates of 1.5 – 3% volume. One of the best features of DECON AW is its simplicity! DECON AW can be directly added to your equipment’s reservoir without the use of a special pump! Additionally, it can be added to your system during operation, eliminating any associated downtime!

There are various industries to which DECON AW can be applied. Some of these industries include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Plastic Injection molding
  • Marine
  • Mining

DECON AW is available in different sizes to suit your equipment’s needs (5gal/19L or 55 gal/208L).

Introducing sustainability to hydraulic oils

DECON AW was specifically designed to reduce the environmental impact while generating a robust bottom line for equipment users. It extends the life of hydraulic oils to assist users in achieving their sustainability goals. Through this life extension, users can generate less waste through reduced oil changes and condense environmental impact. Since the demand for hydraulic oil will be decreased, then the processes involved in refining the oil and producing it will no longer be necessary. As such, the environmental impact involved in the production of the hydraulic oils will be greatly declined. Therefore, the consumption of resources can be minimized. DECON AW is part of Fluitec’s Fill4Life™ initiative which enables companies to do their part in protecting the planet.

Essentially, DECON AW is the sustainable way forward for hydraulic oils. It is specially engineered to rebalance antioxidants and antiwear while ensuring deposit control and decontamination of the system. Let’s move hydraulic oils into a sustainable future with DECON AW!