Is Fluitec an Oil Company?

Fluitec is not an oil company.

We are not trying to sell an oil, but a fill-for-life solution. Our objective is to not sell you oil.

Infinity TO provides the opportunity for you to not have to buy turbine oil again.

What Base Oil is Used in Infinity TO?

Infinity TO uses a Group II+ base. It’s differentiating performance lies in its proprietary Deposit Control additive system. Infinity TO can be handled and maintained like any other conventional turbine oil.

Does My OEM Approve Infinity TO For Use?

OEMs like GE do not “approve” an oil. They provide a specification of minimal physical specifications that the oil must meet in order to be used. Infinity TO surpasses the minimum specifications required to be used in steam and gas turbines, as well as most industrial compressors.

What About Siemens or Mitsubishi Approvals?

Siemens and Mitsubishi do approve oils for use through testing in their laboratory. Infinity TO has been submitted for testing at both Siemens and Mitsubishi.

What happens if I have a shutdown because of your turbine oil? My current supplier has deep pockets which provide protection against product failures and loss of production.

Fluitec has liability insurance to provide protection against product performance or defects.

However, your current oil supplier does not provide protection against product performance. They only guarantee that the oil delivered to your site meets specification. After the product is delivered, the oil supplier has no more liability. Case-in-point: There have been an estimated cost to the industry of >$100M due to varnish. Not $1 has been paid to power companies to compensate them for these losses.

Infinity TO provides the only performance guarantee in the industry.

How Much Does it Cost for the 10-Year Performance Warranty?

It’s included in the cost of Infinity Turbine Oil.

How Can I Guarantee You’ll Have Sufficient Volume for All My Turbines?

Our manufacturing partner has 85 x 50,000 gallon storage tanks and a 12-month inventory of Infinity Turbine Oils. We have sufficient capacity to service the largest power plant fleets.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is also ISO 9001 and has the premium blending facility in the Americas.

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We think that’s a great idea. Please click here to do so! 

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