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To Flush or not to Flush (your oil system)… that is the Question

Flushing a lubricating system, when required and done effectively, can be helpful for your machines. Restoring system cleanliness can add years of life to your equipment. However, flushing

How your Lubricants help save money

In the current context of sustained low prices of crude oil and natural gas, the pressure to find savings is mounting on organizations and plants. Savings can sometimes be found in areas of Operations and Maintenance where practices have remained relatively unchanged for a long time. One such area, in many plants, is the handling…

The Top 5 Problems with EHC Fluids

Hydraulic oils used in steam turbine electro-hydraulic control systems (EHC) are required to be fire resistant. All but one OEM require phosphate ester fluids to be used in these applications because they are self-extinguishing and are inherently safer than other fluid chemistries. These fluids are not your typical hydraulic oil and require a different mindset…

Fluitec’s Jo Ameye receives the ASTM Award of Merit

Early on the morning of Dec 8, Dale F. Bohn, who holds a position on the ASTM International Board of Directors, presented the Award of Merit to Jo Ameye, General Manager Europe at Fluitec NV. “I am deeply honored to have been recognized by my peers and ASTM International. We all have a strong responsibility…

RelaDyne sponsors Fluitec Lubrication Academies

  • By Fluitec
  • November 6, 2015

RelaDyne is sponsoring two Lubrication Academies in the month of November.  As part of their commitment to their customer base, RelaDyne has partnered with Fluitec to provide an in depth educational program discussing the hard-hitting issues related to lubrication of rotating equipment. The Lubrication Academies are being held in Houston, TX and Lake Charles, LA…


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