Although there are many problems caused by oil deposits in sensitive gas turbine systems, the four most expensive problems are caused by oil degradation:

In order to predict the onset of deposits in gas turbines, Fluitec has developed two key condition monitoring tests. The RULER™ monitors the health of the turbine oil’s antioxidant package. The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test predicts the varnish potential of the turbine oil. When combined, these two tests can provide critical insight to the fluid’s health, remaining useful life and varnish potential.

Through multiple field tests, Fluitec has identified some models of gas turbines whose filter systems are prone to spark discharge. In response, we have developed Spark-Free Filters designed specifically to eliminate this damaging form of fluid degradation in gas turbines.

Turbine oil degradation products come in a wide range of chemistries depending upon the formulation of the fluid, mode of degradation and exposure to reactive contaminants. Fluitec’s Electrophysical Separation Process (ESP) technology is optimized to extract these specific contaminants. Fluitec’s ESP technology is unique because it removes degradation products that are both in solution and in suspension. In addition, the chemical filter is customized depending upon the chemistry of the degradation product. ESP provides best performing solution in the market to solve gas turbine varnish problems and has been installed on dozens of units worldwide.

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