Fluitec Enterprises

The Enterprises Group was formed with the charter to identify, analyze and pursue viable commercial opportunities in markets not historically engaged by Fluitec.

Enterprises capitalizes on Fluitec's wealth of experience, depth of knowledge and unparalleled reputation for providing the highest level of service and quality products.

Current Enterprise projects include:

  • Test Me

    The TestME™ brand represents a line of personal monitoring test kits associated with health and wellness. Fluitec's first commercial offering under the TestME™ moniker is "Balance". TestME™ Balance is a color intensity test that specifically measures the level of "damage" that occurs to the human body when there is an insufficient levels of antioxidants present. TestME™ Balance quantifies the level of the fat oxidation by-product malondialdehyde (MDA) that is present in normal urine. MDA is recognized as a key indicator for oxidative stress in living organisms. Through Fluitec's research and development investment the same MDA analysis historically performed in medical laboratories by trained professionals can be done by the general public in the privacy of their own home.

    Visit www.testmekit.com today to know what you are made of.

  • Signal

    "Signal" provides machine health reports for individuals to avoid surprises regarding the condition of the critical components of their truck, tractor or other vehicles purchased at auction. Additionally, the Signal Report facilitates differentiation between outwardly identical or similar equipment. It is often said that paint is cheap and therefore visual assessments can be misleading. Signal provides "Peace of Mind" in a clear and concise information package. Most buyers of pre-owned mobile equipment (including trucks) are familiar with basic oil analysis and its intrinsic value. Research has shown that many buyers invest in oil analysis programs for their organizations enabling them to take proactive measures. Like a human blood test, a comprehensive lubricant test is a proven method to assess the condition of a machine. As an independent entity, Signal's rigorous testing standards support our mission to provide unbiased and accurate reports to all involved in a transaction.

    Visit www.thesignalreport.com today to learn how you can make better informed decisions when buying previously owned equipment.

  • DeOX

    DeOX "Loop" provides diesel users a seamless transition to biodiesel by utilizing Fluitec's patent-pending ESP technology. Our system removes diesel degradation products created from the introduction of biodiesel, which acts like a solvent, to a used diesel storage tank. DeOX "Line" provides diesel users performance and fuel mileage enhancements with a simple in-line filter. This replaceable filter utilizes patent-pending Fluitec ESP technology to polish diesel fuel contaminants to prevent fuel injector wear, which can be costly from a performance and replacement perspective. Additional benefits include increased efficiency and reduced emissions.